Satoshi Tomiie

Satoshi Tomiie the perfectionist producer. He spent two years designing and building a music studio in his apartment so he could make music all day and night. This is a man who values acoustic excellence so much that he hired a studio designer with 25 years experience to build the room to his exact specifications. The studio is a room within a room, and it sits on rubber feet to ensure as little sound as possible escapes from it. It is his refuge.

Satoshi Tomiie will spend hours tweaking a single sound in one his productions, even though “most people will not hear the difference”, a man who spends on average, two full weeks of work completing a single club track. You can hear his diligence on his magnificent debut single ‘Tears’, the 1989 house classic that he produced with the ‘Godfather of House’, Frankie Knuckles. With its stunning soulful vocals, memorable bassline, and wonderful piano melody, it is perhaps one of the greatest house tracks ever written.

You can also feel Satoshi’s attention to detail on his seminal 2001 anthem, ‘Love In Traffic’. The track’s dark rich tones, hypnotic understated groove, and unforgettable lyrics were a benchmark for a new developing house scene. The cut was so powerful, so simple, so enticing, that it made him one of the biggest stars in house music today. His painstaking attitude towards music production has also made him an in-demand remixer – over his career, Satoshi Tomiie has remixed some of the biggest recording artists in the world including David Bowie, Photek, Simply Red, and U2.