Robbie Tronco

Times change, tastes change, and music changes. What never change is Robbie Tronco’s passion for music and his ability to make people love it too!

Robbie found much to inspire his development: the melodies of the Philly Sound; nightclubs like Philadelphia’s “Second Story”, “Catacombs” and “Paradise Garage” in NYC; and DJ’s that didn’t just play music but rather, created an atmosphere – David Todd, Donald Stone, Frankie Goodman, Larry Levan and Walter Gibbons. Not a bad foundation… one that has made Robbie Tronco, a “name“ that has, and is inspiring a new generation of DJ’s and fans.

Tronco’s roots were planted, at age fourteen, in a teen dance club in South Philadelphia. He was hooked and “hooked” his audiences from then on. With an eclectic style, Robbie uses flawless technique, an incredible diversity of music, and most importantly his passion for the music to “lead” crowds worldwide.

Robbie is humble and his sense of humor is… legendary! He always ensures that his music, whether he’s spinning or producing, brings excitement, joy, and happiness to his audience.

With a resume that includes more than fifteen club residencies and guest appearances throughout the US as well as in Canada and Japan, Robbie Tronco has proven that he can be successful in any venue. His mix shows, on stations like Q102 (WIOQ) in Philadelphia, have further exhibited that his skills and music selection win audience ratings.

When Robbie is in his studio, it is clear that his creativity, skill, and energy are transferred to his productions. His 1997 house classic, “Fright Train”, sold 250.000 copies worldwide and was included on numerous dance compilations. Other Tronco tracks such as “Walk 4 Me”, “Drops”, “Oompa Loompa Song”, “INRI”, “Work This Pussy”, “Reina”, “Mary’s Opera”, “Runway as House”, “A Night at the Opera”, “Crash”, “100% Ovahness”, along with numerous remix projects, are a testament to Tronco’s ability to transfer his passion for the vibe to commercial success.

Robbie’s energy and enthusiasm for music are still growing! Through continued club residencies and collaborations, including the new TroncoDelphia label, the legion of Robbie Tronco fans will continue to follow him into the new millennium.