“Music is a supernatural power, that succeeds to manipulate peoples emotions with its vibrations.“

Andrea Ribeca and Giuseppe Ottaviani, two ambitious young guys from Italy , who have the same musical objective in common, founded NU NRG in 1999. Their outstanding trance melodies become their distinctive mark and inspire the project NU NRG.

Andrea was born in 1974. At the age of 15 years he begins his DJ adventures with his first sampler, that leads him into the electronic music scene. He sets up his own little studio and produces his first real techno single in 1992. Local DJ Bookings and sessions at radio stations around Rome leave him assured to be on the right track of becoming a professional DJ.

Giuseppe born in 1978, starts with a classical education by taking piano lessons when he is 7 years old. Being extremely bored with the musical education at his school, he strives to become a DJ and quits school a few years later. In 1998 Giuseppe has his own weekly two hours radio show at a popular radio station near Rome . That is when he meets Andrea. Their first productions together have a lot of success in the roman region and the track „ Dreamland“ finally leads NU NRG to Paul van Dyk, who signed the guys to his credible label Vandit Records. „Dreamland“ made it into the German ODC TOP 40 charts and was also featured on Paul van Dyk’s Album „ The Politics Of Dancing“. Last year Andrea and Giuseppe have been very successful with their first German live performance, opening for Paul van Dyk at the „Love from Above” Event and playing a great set on the Vandit Truck at the Loveparade 2002.

2003 they started their first Live UK performance in Sheffield and followed by gigs in London’s Heaven Club in March 2003 and with Mayday, Germany’s biggest indoor event in April 2003, Energy, Switzerland’s biggest indoor event and Arc, New York in August 2003. In May 2003 their 2nd Vandit Release: the Space Flower EP was release, a strong follow up after the success of Dreamland that proofed their great potential.

NU NRG is in studio to work on new exciting projects and their new album was released in 2004 and pave the way to their commercial breakthrough. The latest tune “Connective” just came out and already had a great response.