Nigel Richards

1988 In the AM radio dungeon of University of Rochester a lowly freshman broadcasted his favorite dance tunes to a handful of listeners. He joked and called listeners to ask them to listen through the dormitory power lines. Eventually he graduated to the more professional FM. This silly college radio DJ spawned into the 52 week per year travelling highly demanded Nigel Richards. Since the days of the City Sounds from Underground on WRUR FM, 88.5, Thursday nights from 9pm till midnight, the in demand Nigel has expanded his listenership. Club and party goers throughout North America, and as far away as London, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Scotland, and the Greek Isle of Mykanos have enjoyed his unique style of party rocking.

Richards is quoted as being one of the most successful figureheads in the dance music industry and arguably the hardest working. “He truly has a good time with what he does. He’s a very successful entrepreneur: He has a clothing line, a record store, he’s a DJ, he’s a producer and he does all of them very well. He does everything to the best of his ability and that’s very inspiring.” -DJ Dan / URB Magazine / September 2000

After graduating college with a major in Economics and a Business Certificate in Marketing Nigel returned to Philadelphia to further explore his new found love for dance music by throwing parties and DJ’ing whenever and wherever he could. His love was immortalized on August 5, 1993, when Richards opened the doors to his greatest entrepreneurial venture; his record store, 611 Records.

Over the years, Nigel tweaked and worked 611 Records (611 South 4th Street) into a multifaceted operation. Since it’s inception, 611 has spawned a clothing line, a retail web site, another shop specifically for the clothing and used records called appropriately 612 Clothing (612 South 4th Street). The shop has headquartered his label group 611 Records, Society Hill Recordings, and 611 DnB. These labels all release vinyl monthly while 611 Records has released mixed CD’s from Dieselboy, Nigel Richards (2), Carl Michaels, and Derrick Carter. The artist roster for all of the labels is quite honorable and the future looks very bright for all three of the labels.

As a producer, Nigel Richards’s infallible feel for diverse styles has earned him admiration throughout the world. His releases on such labels as Extortion (UK), Stickman (CAN), Blue Line, and 611 have been played, charted and licensed by such notaries as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Samuel Sessions, Angel Alanis, Josh Wink and DJ Dan. His style always changes which one could follow through his 19 releases since 1994.

In the fall of 2000, 611 and Nigel expanded their international profiles exponentially by releasing “Nigel Richards-DJ MIX,” his latest mixed CD. This CD was dedicated to the 10,000 plus attendees of the Whistle 3 party-an annual event in Philadelphia thrown by the Local 13 promoters. This CD is distributed by Kinetic Records (home of the Tranceport series) and is exemplary of his style of producing (with 4 original Nigel tracks included) and DJ’ing through his variety of styles over the 74 minute journey.

Nigel has only one thing to say of the successes he has achieved thus far: “We are no where near where we intend to be.”

OK, a few more things: “All of us involved with 611 records and every aspect of my personal success are very grateful for what we have accomplished. However, we certainly will never put our heads down in comfort. We have high goals and expectations and intend to achieve them while establishing more.”

“You only and always go as fast as you pedal so pave your own road and ride it.”