DJ Lovebone

Whether the dance floor is at a Russian disco, a loft party or one of Chicago’s many dance clubs, DJ Lovebone always keeps the best trance and tech-house flowing onto the dance floor. Lovebone, also known as Dmitry, keeps scoring gigs because he has developed a loyal following of clubbers who expect nothing but the best, most current trance from him. Lovebone has dee-jayed as far away as Russia, where he grew up. He is known for playing a mix of dark, deep music, bringing the blurry boundaries between tech-house,trance and progressive house.

He has played for 1000 clubbers at DynamoLyuks, the largest dance club in Kiev, Ukraine and he made crowd go mental at Pacha, one of the hottest indoor-outdoor nightclubs in Dominican Republic. Lovebone has delivered his energizing sets around Chicago’s club and after-hours circuit, having played at Fifth Floor, Aura, Karma,Club 950, Buzz and Sidecar. He has played 6 hours sets, keeping party people on their feet until 11 am at Chicago after-hours parties. Lovebone recently shoved his love for trance and trance-techno into his mixed CD, ‘DickControl’, and a video footage from when he open for Dave Seaman at the Karma in Chicago.

Also played at the first Further Festivals promoted by Drop Bass, a Milwaukee promotions crew, and a number ofother raves in Midwest area.In addition to spinning around the world Lovebone has held residencies at the former Wax Nightclub, he has been a resident DJ at intimate Buzz Club and Aura, one of the largest clubs inChicago. He was rotating DJ at Network Saturdays at Club 950. Lovebone started listening to dance music when he was13 and was living in Ukraine. Back in the day he made tapes of slow dance and pop tunes that weren’t mixed together and would play them at discotheques.

After he moved with his family to Chicago about 10 years ago, and started raving. One of his most favorite parties was called Joy. ‘There were no illicit substance in our bodies Just Bass and we were falling in love with it he said. His first steady dee-jaying gig was European dance club Alexandros Bar, where he played in 94-95. Polish, Serbian, Russian and Greek folkscame to party down at the West Rogers Park Nightclub, where Lovebone dee-jayed with his friend Chris Gin music editor of Thousand Words dance magazine and a current resident of Crobar. Influenced by Timo Mass, Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva,Hyperactive, John Digweed and T-1000, The Lovebone not only wooed clubbers with his energizing sets at Aura but also shared decks there with his trance partners in crime Chris Gin, Christopher Robin, Antonio Lauria, ChrisWalsh and Chad Sommer also he played alongside Chris Liberator,Scott Hardkiss, Joey Beltram, D.A.V.E. the Drummer and Thomas Michael.

Lovebone also has played at events sponsored by CoreInnovations. At Core events he played alongside Dan Efex, Hyperactive and Adam X. Then loft parties at 500 W. Cermak also Dragon Room and Lola’s with DJ Baton his partner in KGBeats and hosting club events. Even involved in organizing event with Bass Junkies in Harvey a rave hot spot just outside Chicago, as part of the Progression Tour in March 2000 in which he shared decks with Julian Liberator, Adam X, James Christian and FrankieVega. Whether Lovebone is playing at a Russian disco, dusty warehouse or nightclub, he is sure to mix trance, progressive house and tech-house in the way that makes you feel the love for music. So show some love for DJ Lovebone.

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