John Suliga (1965 – 2002)

Somewhere in DJ heaven the late John Suliga (NYC legend) will be smilin’.

This DJ/Producer/Remixer from NYC held a residency at Webster Hall (NYC) where he compiled & mixed CD’s “Live at Webster Hall vol.1 & 2” which was advertises as “bone crushing songs” it sure delivers. DJ John Suliga beatmixes some of his favorite club tracks, most of which are of tribal house/light techno variety. DJ Suliga was among DJs regularly blending beats behind the turntables at Webster Hall.
“Live at Webster Hall” is a multi-act compilations that are strong on muscular deep-house dubs. On this CD you will find vogueble “Give It To Me” by Hard Days, “Moments” by Noisemaker, USA spin-off of “Moments In Love” by Art of Noise, plus remix of the Latin-inspired “Check This Out” by Cevin Fisher. That’s why kids from suburbs cross bridges and tunnels to line up outside of Webster Hall.
He has graced the turntables at Palladium & Roxy with his talents. John has also brought his sounds to Tokyo, Paris, London, Bangkok & Manila.
Volume One was selected for the sweet power and rythmic joy each track created on the largest dance floor in New York City. John Suliga and Lon Ballinger took 4 months observing, selecting and creating a New York City house music masterpiece that went indie gold within the first six months. Mixed live off the dance floor, Volume One will still raise the hairs on the back of your neck and will be a house classic selection for as long as you live.
Volume Two, created by DJ John Suliga and club owner Lon Ballinger, is a cultured house classic that makes you yearn for more more more. That is exactly what you get with some of the hottest European and American house masters alive featured on this compilation. This timeless album will ensure your car or dance floor will be slamming.