Hi-Fi are Pop group from Russia which formed in 1998.

The acquaintance of the arranger and composer with the producer and author of the lyrics took place long before the official date of the group’s foundation in August 2, 1998. The future founders of Hi-Fi Pavel Esenin and Eric Chanturiya became friends in Novosibirsk, Russia. Using the single sound of the synth, Pavel made Call Me, Misha. This track has made the part of the best dance hits in Germany and has given the boost to its master. After a number of successful experiments, the friends decided to create a group.

Hi-Fi’s initial lineup was made of
Mitya Fomin,
Timofey Pronkin
and Kseniya Oleshko.
In August 2, 1998 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Hi-Fi began filming the clip for Не Дано. Wearing angel white clothing, the trio looked extremely distinct from the common grey life.

The person who had the idea of the group’s title also gave the idea to the debut album’s cover. Somebody’s back in nice lingerie was seen behind the glass of every music store until the day when the last CD was sold. This cover design has been commented by the group’s ex-member Oksana: “At least, there is an underwear.”

In 1999, starting from February, the song Беспризорник could be heard five times a day, no matter the radio station. Considering the news leak that the recorded material did not fit on the debut album Первый контакт, Hi-Fi had to release the sequel named Reпродукция.

The big success influenced the group’s amount of concerts across the country and left no space to other events.

Web site: www.hifigroup.ru