DEMO is a Russian techno group, formed in March 1999.

March 1999 Alexandra Zvereva a student of the Moscow Linguistic University; listening to station 2000 hears an announcement that a soloist is urgently being sought for a new project. She had long dreamed of becoming an artist. At the hearing Alexandra Zvereva was chosen and signed a contract.

May 1999 two the songs are recorded “The Sun/Солнышко” and “2000 years/2000 лет”. The look of the CD falls to Polyakov, he simply used a black marker and wrote DEMO.

June-August 1999 “The Sun/Солнышко” and “2000 years” are played on nearly every radio station in Russia as the group begins to go on tour.

September 1999 DEMO signs contract with the firm “ARS”. The group produces a video for “The Sun/Солнышко”.

October 1999 The video “The Sun/Солнышко” reaches first place on Russia’s top ten MTV and holds the position for a number of weeks.

November 1999 the dancer Masha Zheleznyakova leaves the group not having enough time to complete her studies in the Plekhanov academy. Dancer Daniel Polyakov leaves to pursue a modeling career. Vadim Polyakov quickly finds two replacements Anya Zajzeva and Pavel Penyaev. Alexandra Zvereva and the two new members quickly become friends.