Chris Fortier

Chris was first inspired to DJ by hearing Kimball Collins and Dave Cannalte. He started DJing small house parties in 1990. Gaining popularity, he received his first residency at a small club in Melbourne, FL in 1991 called the “METRO”. Building a strong reputation there, he was discovered by DJ Icey, who quickly put him on at one of his club nights “Club Subzero”. Kimball Collins and Dave Cannalte liked what they heard and asked Chris to be their fill-in resident at their now legendary “AAHZ” night at the Beacham Theatre, playing with such likes as Sasha, John Digweed and Dave Seaman. Gaining notoriety there, he started his own weekly Thursday night at “The Village” which ran for two years.


1998 was another strong year, with all facets of Chris’s career firing at once. The Balance pool grew by leaps and the Fade duo proceeded to remix one of the years top anthems in Delerium’s “Silence”. This “Silence” remix has solidified Chris and Neil’s respect level as high and put them on the short list of top remixers for progressive music. With all the attention on studio and office work in 1998, Chris still managed time to release another mixed CD called “Atmospherics” for StreetBeat Records and a Fade Records compilation called “Sanctuaries”. He also kept up with his first love, DJing. His busy schedule saw him dashing to new territories like Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru while holding a monthly residency at Icon in Orlando.

In 1999, Chris, as a DJ, has already been back to the UK twice for the Northern Exposure 3 Tour and clubs like Bedrock, Colours The Network, Renaissance and The Rhumba. As the year progresses, Chris will continue to play his favorite clubs around the country as well as two more trips to England and Europe in September and November as well as, much anticipated trips to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa. The studio effort will remian the same as the Chris and Neil work toward completion of their first LP as well as pushing the Fade Record label to new heights with new releases and CD compilations already scheduled.