Adam Freemer

Adam began DJ’ing while attending college in 1995. After many years of listening to legendary Philly DJ’s such as Robbie Tronco, Josh Wink and many others, he started collecting music and DJ’ing for fun. After heading up to Penn State University to get a degree in Electrical Engineering, he began playing at various parties, clubs and events during college for fun and to help him pay his way through school. He did a wide variety of events at college, from weddings, fraternity parties, bars, clubs, just about anything.

Adam has always had a diverse interest in music and during his first couple years as a DJ, he played everything from disco, 80’s music, rap, house, progressive house, trance to just about every age group, young and old. At Penn State he met one of his mentor’s and now close friends, Mike Musso.

Adam learned many things from Mike, including Mike’s amazing ability to read and entertain a crowd, and at the same time try and educate them with new music and push the limits. Also as an engineer and working with close friend Joe DiSanzo, Adam designed and installed club sound and lighting systems. With an engineer’s background, he got through many of those “sticky situations” where sound systems fail, equipment breaks, etc, and the knowledge necessary to start work on his own studio.

In the middle of 1999, Adam began to go new york to music shop and hear different dj’s and music. He heard world renown DJ/Producer Danny Tenaglia play that summer for the first time and was instantly drawn into the deeper, darker sounds DT plays. his taste for music shifted more and more toward deeper, darker house sounds and away from the rapidly growing progressive house/commercial scene that existed where he was at college. He started playing more at raves and underground parties where he had more musical freedom.

After finishing his stay at Penn State in May of 2000, he moved back home to Philadelphia and began working on a few production projects and started working his way into the local Philly scene. In September, 2000, he was given a special opportunity to fill in for Danny Tenaglia at club Vinyl in New York City while Danny was away at an overseas gig. After that gig, he began playing at various venues in Philadelphia. he is currently working in the studio on various production and remix projects and has various future gigs in the works in Philadelphia, New York and abroad.

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