His first steps on Russian stage the artist made on the project “Star Factory” in 2004 (the Russian equivalent of «American Idol»), through which he instantly became the idol of millions as a part of the group”Banda”. In 2006, Timati released his first solo album «Black Star by Timati», and also founded his own music label and production center «Black Star Inc.». In 2009 the band released an international featuring by Timati and Snoop Dogg «Groove On», which gathered a record number of viewings on all video portals of global network.

Timati’s second album «The Boss» was released in November 2009. On this project Timati worked with such giants of hip-hop world like P. Diddy,Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Mario Winans, Busta Rhymes and producer Scott Storch.

In 2010 the artist reached world musical Olympus. Timati’s second album «The Boss» was named best album of the year according to one of the top sites «InDaRnB» and the annual prize of the First Musical Channel of the country “Muz-TV 2010”. In addition, channel Muz-TV named Timati best hip-hop project of the year and awarded him a plate for the video-clip «Love You». Plate for “Best Video” in 2011 also went to Timati («I’m on You» feat. P. Diddy).