Русский Размер

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They were born & raised in of many republics of the Soviet Union. In the Kazakhstan. But judging by their appearance they can pass as Russians (the way they look & things like that. Besides you can find that information in passport of one of them. But regardless of what it said there in early 1985, equipped with an old truly Soviet made recorder “Mayak” their first songs were recorded.

In the beginning there were four of them, but that number was always changing. At times they all played in different bands but in the end get together in one. Few songs that were recorded back then you can hear it here. Then in 1991 or 1992 they end up in St. Petersburg. Flew in. Came up with a name, wrote enough songs for the first album. They would like to thank a lot of people and among them were guys from studio “Lennauchfilm”. That’s where they recorded first songs of Russki-Razmer. To be honest with you those songs until now still being kept on the shelf with thick layer of dust, but without these songs nothing would happen of what follow after and hopefully would not end today and still make them happy with that sunny tomorrow. Yes that colorful and mysterious “tomorrow”. Never know what that “tomorrow”… can bring. Back then it brought them introduction with Vadim Volodin.

At the time he work with group Karmen. That’s how their song “Batman” was born. And then finally their work that came out in the light “U-A-U”.

Follow up by first video, touring, concert performance footage, first stadium concert in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) Just recently during severe winter of 1995 they met face to face in the door of make up room “B.K.Z.” (Big Concert Hall) with Alexander Lebedinsky who at the time drank quiet frequently and party all the way. It was great time. People remember and it was so much fun at the concerts. What a time it was! That’s when they released special album “Meow”. The real name for that was “Pop the pill, be healthy!” In the words of that Holland’s old children song – timeless will power of people towards health, strength and unlimited traveling of human soul. But unfortunately such a long name couldn’t feet on tiny CD box.

In 1998 studio Soyuz released CD “Tantzcuem?” (Dancing). They also made a video for songs Vot Tak (Like That) and Normalny Vecher (Normal Evening), which brought them with mini tour of US. Then in May 1999 they released CD “650″ with a new video for a song “Angel Dnia” (Angel of the Day) that raised up to top 5 of MTV Russia. They have other projects and a lot of ideas & unfinished ones. That not a history but lets not forget about “yesterday”. That’s our today’s “tomorrow”. At this point almost finished their new album (recorded 10 new songs). They believe that is the best work that they ever recorded.