Singer Linda is probably one of the brightest Russian singers of the nineties. Her extraordinary and original compositions to some extent are a reflection of that time. A subtle melodic sadness is intertwined in them with modern musical arrangements; Unconventional texts carry in themselves some deep, subtle meaning. Appearing on the Russian stage, as if from nowhere, the singer Linda brought a lot of fresh notes in the sound of music of the nineties, becoming one of the most popular artists of her generation. Today, her career continues, but there is no need to talk about her former popularity. So what is today the career of this celebrity celebrity? We will try to understand this today.
Linda releases her breakthrough debut album “Songs of Tibetan Lamas”, followed by a remix album “Dances of Tibetan Lamas”. She surpasses her debut with her next album (her biggest selling to date) – “Ворона” (“Vorona” – “Crow”). The album achieves unprecedented popularity in Russia and every single from “Vorona” reaches number 1 in Russian charts.
During the “Vorona” era, Linda maintains a mysterious and exotic public image .
Linda achieves commercial success with her producer Maxim Fadeev, who will later record his own album, resembling his work with Linda.
As the basis of the clip was taken the image of the singer Madonna sample of the early nineties. At this stage, the producer of Linda was young composer and arranger Maxim Fadeev. Their joint project as a result has lighted on the Russian stage at once two new stars – the producer and the actress. In 1994, Fadeev and Linda recorded the first joint album “Songs of Tibetan lamas”, which was sold in 250,000 copies and brought the actress the first success. However, the truly popular singer Linda became after the release of her second studio album – “Crow”. Work on this album began in 1996 and was conducted using unique instruments and very special musicians. Thus, in particular, a chorus of Scottish grandmothers was invited to record the record, which was distinguished by a completely unusual timbre of sound, as well as instrumentalists playing on rare instruments. As a result, the record turned out to be very unusual. Its sound was in some ways cold and gloomy, but at the same time it was very attractive and incredibly fascinating. The album was released in 1996 and immediately sold out in a circulation of 1.5 million copies. In the period from 1994 to 1998, the actress was awarded the prestigious title “Singer of the Year” 9 times. In September 1997, a joint performance of Linda and Fadeyev gathered 400,000 spectators at a concert in Kiev. For a long time this indicator remained a record for all Russian performers.