CDSound Entertainment Inc. has been creating events, concerts, and special appearances of bands, DJ’s and performing artists from all over the world. Promotion team well earned reputation for producing top quality shows with International featured Artists as a result by combining knowledge and commitment of booking & promoting since 1985. Ever since we produced & promoted many successful events and appearances by elite DJ’s & Artists such as world-class Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Steve Lawler, Judge Jules, Jonathan Peters, Jonathan Ulysses, David Moreno, NU NRG, Tom Stephan, Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega, George Acosta, Miguel Migs, Tripp, Kimball Collins, Satoshi Tommie, Icey, John Aquaviva, Donato, Robbie Tronco, Lee Jones, Nigel Richards, Bad Boy Bill, Chris Fortier, Saeed & Palash, Rob Lee, Dozia, Carl Michaels, Tania Vulcano, Sandra Collins, John Suliga, Boris, Adam Freemer, Yan, Michael Myers, Joey Savino, Luv & Lodi, Dimitry Lovebone, Jenny Le Femme, Jym Pratt, Rah Crawford and many others talented DJ’s & artists.
First area performances of Lisa Pure as well as Тимати with NOX in Atlantic City.
International promotion team of CDSound has been responsible for producing concerts and appearances of top recording artists from RUSSIA. Among them were top artists such as Тимати, Русский Размер, Руки Верх, Шура, Отпетые Мошенники, Hi-Fi, Стрелки, Линда, Demo, Акула with appearances in Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York & Atlantic City.